"I stopped by to say that I just tried the pants! It was, without a doubt, a great purchase. I LOVED IT! The biggest success in the world for you"
"Your store irritates me, everything is beautiful, I would take a lot more things!! But it can't be, it has to be little by little 😂"
''The order has already arrived. I loved. From the care they took with the packaging to the pleasant smell it brought. Thank you very much. When I wear it I'll take a photo!''
''Thank you very much for your kindness, I'll keep an eye on the page to see if I'm missing anything, best of luck!''

" Good morning dear ones, once again I come to express my satisfaction with my order, I loved the dress!!! I wore it the next day, after receiving it!!! I'm satisfied. Thank you🙏 Don't delete it, not a day of your lives !!! The beautiful days gave you happiness, the less beautiful ones gave you experience!!! And the worst ones taught you to never give up!!!